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January 2008
February 2008
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“President Grandpa” Canceled

In what is being seen by industry insiders as another casualty of the writer’s strike, the struggling sitcom “President Grandpa” was canceled today by its home network, Fox.  The show had struggled to find its footing in this year’s slew of politically-themed shows, and had struggled creatively.  Despite the presence of Hollywood veteran Fred Thompson in the title role, the show’s considerable pre-launch buzz never materialized in the form of ratings.  “It was like ‘Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip,’ said one critic.  “The reality was never going to match the hype.” 

Others cited a tired premise, stock supporting characters, and the writers’ controversial decision to set the first several episodes during the fictional president’s first campaign.  “It was like an awful blend of the unbelievability of Geena Davis in Commander in Chief, mixed with the boring campaign parts of the end-stage West Wing, plus the completely implausibly hot wife married to the schlumpy guy from ‘According to Jim,’ and the too-cutesy guitar-playing ex-Baptist preacher next door neighbor” moaned another critic.  “And let’s face it.  Fred Thompson is everybody’s favorite supporting actor, but he can’t carry the lead.  This shark came pre-jumped.” 

Although the show’s fans hoped that ratings would increase, the show never finished higher than fourth in its time slot.  It lost consistently to History Channel shows about Vietnam POWs and paid religious programming, and the writer’s strike put an end to the show’s run with the instantly famous “Concession speech” episode, where it was clear to viewers that the script was literally unfinished at the end of shooting. 

The show will be replaced by a new game show, “Who Wants to Take The Blame For The Recession?” in which contestants compete to be held responsible for an empty treasury while trying to withdraw from Iraq before they run out of troops. 

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