"Difficile est satiram non scribere." (It is difficult to not write satire.) - Juvenal


January 2008
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January 2008

10/08/08    Navy Lawyer Promoted to "Civilian"
10/09/06    Google!  Boo!
10/11/06    Justice Runs Out of Ideas
10/12/06    It's Hard Out There For Karl Rove
10/20/06    Rove Sick of 99 Bottles of beer Song
10/26/06    Candidate Sorry to Slime Rival
11/08/06    Rove Seeks New Challenges
11/12/06    Dems promise to Fail in Bold New Ways
11/17/06    Bo Dies One For The Gipper
11/26/06    Maker of WMD "Sorry"
11/27/06    Sports Stays Classy
Warning! The Line of the Day is not an authorized infotainment product! It contains material not previously cleared/authored by Karl Rove. By definition, therefore, it is a farrago of lies and pretentious word choices. Only the part in bold is stolen from actual news sources.