Corporate Takeover
Conquest of South Vietnam
Corporate TrainingCenter
Makeshift Detention Camp
Bad News
Inadequate cable channels
Mushy food, volleyball, "team building":
Mushy food, executions, "Team Building"
Relentless denigration of former regime
Relentless denigration of former regime
Task 1
Cultural Surveys to Identify   cultural flaws
Spontaneous Self-criticism sessions
Task 2`
Cultural survey to identify new   norms
Political lectures on Marxism
Discipline, type 1
Myers-Briggs Type Inventory
Beatings by Guards
Discipline, Type 2
Dissatisfied workers identified,   corrected
Dissatisfied workers identified, corrected
Mandatory Effort
Workflow analysis projects
Rice harvesting
Lecture Topic 1
Identification of Corporate   Goals
Identification of Party Goals
Development of Group Cohesion
Development of Group Cohesion
Exodus of displaced workers
Exodus of Boat People
Chairman Ho Chi Minh
Discipline, Type 3
Explanation of new Travel   paperwork
Beatings by guards
Lecture Topic 2
Corporate structure
Party Organization
Topic it's hard to take   seriously
Constant emphasis on new   paradigm of corporate synergy between dynamically interacting endeavor teams
Constant emphasis on paradigm of synergy between millet harvest   and progress of class struggle
Bad Ergonomics = back pains
Back-breaking labor in rice paddies
Annoying staff
Relentlessly cheerful  facilitators who refuse to stray from agenda
Screaming commandant who refuses to stray from harvesting schedule
Hostility and resentment of new   workers
Hostility and resentment of new cadres
Constantly Seeking New   Growth Paths
Domino theory
Survival Strategy
Cultivating Facilitators can ease life
Bribing Guards can get extra protein
IdeeFixee of staff
Emphasis on use of new terms and   usages
Saigon now Ho Chi Minh City
Result of ignoring above
Use of old terms cheerfully   mocked
Use of old terms = beating from guards
Current Rumor
I hear we're going to be sold again
I hear China may invade
Lesson Learned
Display of old logo = beating   from guards
Display of old logo = beating from guards
Submit and you may get your job   back
Submit and you may get your job back
Suck-up's slogan
I'm looking forward to the new style
I Love Chairman Ho
Personal Space Issues
Relentless, soul-destroying surveillance of trainees; encouragement of snitches
Relentless, soul-destroying surveillance of trainees; encouragement of snitches
Realization 1
Old Company doesn't look so bad now
Old Regime Doesn't look so bad now
Realization 2
Only Hope: Escape to Lockhhed
Only Hope: Escape to Thailand
We here at Muskrat News apologize for comapringa recent corporate takeover to the Nazi conquest of France in 1940.  It is more accurate to compare it to the fall of Saigon, as the attached chart shows: