(Washington)   American television today aired video footage of American president George Bush which it claimed was shot earlier in the day.  Experts, however, say they have been unable to confirm where and when the footage was recorded.  The footage shows Bush conferring with advisors, but there are no compelling clues as to the date.  Bush is heard referring to the need to pass "some big-ass tax cuts for my friends," but Paul Krugman, noted Bush scholar, notes that such cuts have been a constant theme of Bush's speeches since he sobered up ten years ago. "If you just listened to him, those words could have been uttered any time since the election campaign," Krugman said.  The figure in the tape appears to be Bush, although some have speculated that the Secret Service occasionally uses body doubles to stand in for the president, adn that notoriously secretive organization has not denied it.

If the footage is actually current, it would dispel rumors that Bush had been politically injured or even killed by falling expectations in the first week of the war. "There was a rumor that the roof fell in over there when the war went past 100 hours," said William Safire, " There was a rumor that both he and Rumsfeld had been killed or politically maimed by the disaster, but if that's him on the tape he must be politically viable."

Experts continue to examine the tape, but French Foreign Minister de Villepin notes that it may ot be important whether the figure is actually Bush. "Whether it's him or his brother Jeb; -- short for Jebediah, an anglicized form of Uday -- until the Concord Coalition forces reach Pennsylvania Avenue, the regime of unilateralism, gross fiscal mismanagement, and that smarmy 'iconography of mass destruction' will continue."